Our Coalition Partners


The Advocates for Responsible Care is a non-profit organization that functions as an alliance of health care professionals, patient advocates, and human rights specialists to advance ARxC’s mission to reduce cultural incompetency and health care delivery disparity. We offer services to inform the public, mobilize support, and implement strategies to address the inequitable delivery of health care services in Georgia.





CA’s work is done in community. We are founded on the International Charter for Compassion, with the call to action to honor our common humanity. CA is a grassroots movement that engages local individuals, schools, businesses, organizations, congregations and cities around the idea of compassionate action. Our work focuses on providing training, facilitating conversations, providing resources and bringing greater compassion into our world, in turn creating healthier, safer and more vibrant communities.




Faith in Public Life Georgia works to amplify clergy voices on issues of public policy. We work with faith leaders to find issues that are too important to be defined by partisan divides, and use their gifts to shape public policy. FPL Georgia helps to ensure that faith leaders have the tools to be heard from the White House to the State Capitol to their own congregations.